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Samsung Galaxy Ultra Cine Pro Kit

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Compatible With Freewell Samsung Galaxy Ultra Case

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Sherpa Grip  Sherpa Lens Galaxy Filters

In the Box

  • MagSafe: Compatible with all MagSafe charges & accessories
  • Magnetic Filter Mount: Allows you to use Freewell Galaxy Series Magnetic Filters
  • Lens Slot: A mounting system for Freewell SHERPA series lenses
  • Why ND: ND filters are essential in smartphone photography as they reduce the amount of light entering the camera, allowing you to slow the shutter speed and adding a blurry motion film look to your footage.
  • 1.33X ASPECT RATIO GOLD or BLUE ANAMORPHIC LENS with THREAD to install filters.  Filter for lenseshere.
  • VERSATILE BLUETOOTH SELFIE GRIP with unlimited use as grip, rig, and selfie stick.
  • All filter options included in the kit are to be exclusively used on a phone case. If you need filters for an anamorphic lens, please pick themhere.
  • Battery Excluded in SELFIE GRIP due to custom reason: Lithium Battery CR1620.