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6. Fraud Preventions
In case the website detects elements of fraudulent activities, such as inaccurate information and details provided, the information will be passed to the relevant fraud prevention agencies. This also gives the right to share such information with the concerned law enforcement agencies of the land as well.

7. PayPal
In case the PayPal address is unconfirmed, the website reserves the right to cancel and refund orders. Users are advised to ensure that the PayPal address and information provided to the website are accurate and true in every manner.

8. Accuracy of Content
Freewell Industry Co Ltd ensures that the description and display of products on the website are as accurate as possible. However, there are still chances of a mistake hence the user is advised to inform us (the website) in case such a mistake is noted. In case the description of the item/product differs from the display on the website users are advised to view our Return Policy.

9. Drone Tolerance
All Freewell Drone Filters are built with GIMBALSAFE technology taking into account the tolerance it can bear however rarely some drones can have tolerance issues & they cannot handle the weight of the filters. 

10. Uncontrollable events
Freewell Industry Co Ltd is not to be held responsible for delay/failure in delivering orders to the user in case the delay/failure is caused by another company (vendor) or any event or circumstance that is beyond our control, including but not exclusively, delivery companies, couriers, airlines, strikes, accidents, natural disasters, etc.

11. Error and Shortages
In case the user receives an order which is incomplete or unfulfilled completely then the user is advised to contact the website ( via our email within 7 days of receiving the delivery. In case the user fails to inform the website within 7 days of receiving the order, then any and all of such claims shall be canceled. It is highly advised to check the contents of the order carefully at the time of delivery itself.

12. Return Policy
Products/services/items bought over the website ( are permitted to be returned in the following cases:

  1. The items are returned within 14 days of receipt in an unopened condition and in their original packaging. The user is advised to return items using a suitable method of posting which shows sufficient proof of delivery.
  2. The total refund amount is for the value of the products ordered and returned less the cost of postage paid by Freewell Industry Co Ltd (unless free postage/delivery was chosen by the user at the time of placing the order). In such a case, the refund amount will not include postage charges.
  3. Faulty items are to be returned within 30 days to get a full refund from the day of receiving the delivery of the order. Return postage is refunded in case the item is found to i.e faulty and the product should be returned using the reliable and efficient method. Every returned product should have attached its proof of delivery, which is also applicable for return items outside the stipulated 30-day time window for normal return policy.

13. Incorrect order/Missing Items/Damaged goods
In case the user finds any order is incorrect, has items missing in it, or has received goods that were damaged on arrival (delivery) it is advised to contact the website at:
within 14 days of receiving the order (delivery). In case the user fails to notify the website accordingly any and all claims to return are void and inapplicable.

14. Shipping Invoice
All the prices declared on the shipping invoice are only for the custom purpose, incase if you have a special request please do mention on your order request & anytime custom ask you for an invoice please contact us to obtain the declared value copy on the shipping invoice. 

15. Free Express Shipping
Our Free Express shipping offer is applicable for almost all the locations however if any location with REMOTE FEE from the shipping company side will not be covered by us so in that case that shipping will be changed to standard shipping or you have to cover the remote fee cost. (Express shipping cost will be still paid by us)
Special countries such as Brazil, Indonesia, etc where custom rules are special shipping will be via EMS or other standard shipping methods.

16. Partial Shipment
If your order has a PREORDER or BACKORDER product we may arrange the shipment in partial shipments, The First part of the shipment will be as per the shipping method mentioned in your order & 2nd part will be post shipping if you do not need a partial shipment method please do mention in your order.

17. Delivery terms

Kindly follow this link for our delivery terms

18. Product Images

All or most product images on the Freewell website are rendering the final product may have some difference.