Lens Filters



Works only with following Lenses

In the Box

  • These filters feature a threaded mounting design; unthread the UV filter from your Freewell 2.0 lenses & thread the filter of your choice.
  • Perfect Light Management:  The ND filters in this kit offer impeccable control over light and exposure. Whether you aim to capture extended-exposure shots, alluring motion blur, or well-balanced exposure in bright conditions, the ND8, ND16, ND32, and ND64 filters offer varying degrees of light reduction, granting unmatched flexibility for your photography needs.
  • Enhance Colors and Contrast: The CPL filter enriches colors, reduces unwanted reflections, and enhances contrast in your photos. Perfect for landscape photography, it eliminates glare from water or glass surfaces and captures vibrant, vivid colors that truly stand out. The snow mist adds a touch of enchantment by creating a soft, dreamy ambiance with a subtle mist effect.