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Important Instructions

1.Mainland China, Hong Kong: Good News, now you can purchase on our JD store or TaoBao.

You can buy the product on our website if you do not find it in JD or TaoBao; please fill in your address in Chinese when making your purchase on the website.

中国大陆,香港:好消息,现在您可以在我们的京东商城或淘宝购买。如果您在京东或者淘宝没有找到该产品,您可以在我们的网站上购买; 在网站上购买时,请用中文填写您的地址。

2. Taiwan: Please fill in your address and name in Chinese; leave your ID NUMBER in the order note. At the same time, download the EZ WAY app to get verified.

Download the "EZ WAY" APP——select "Member registration—real-name appointment." Complete the information and upload the certificate. *Please be careful not to choose "Customs Declaration Appointment."

台湾:请用中文填写您的地址和姓名并且务必在订单备注中留下您的身份证号码。同时下载EZ WAY应用程序进行验证,下载“EZ WAY”APP——选择“会员注册——实名预约”,填写信息并上传证书,*请注意不要选择“报关预约”。

3. India: Once you have placed your order, kindly send us one of the following documents on along with your ORDER ID, your passport copy, or your Aadhaar Card; please make sure your address in the order must match your document.

4. Russia, Brazil, Argentina buyer, please make your purchase only on our aliexpress store.