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  • 1.7x Telephoto Lens: Ideal for capturing close-up details from a distance. This can be used to focus on specific parts of a machine or engine, showcasing the precision and intricacy of your work.
  • 1.33x Gold Anamorphic Lens: Create cinematic effects in photography and videography. This lens produces a gold flare, adding a warm, golden tone to light sources in the frame, enhancing the aesthetic appeal. 
  • 1.33x Blue Anamorphic Lens: Create cinematic effects in photography and videography. It generates a blue flare, giving a cool, sci-fi-like effect to light sources. 
  • Long Range Macro Lens: Perfect for photographing small subjects like wildlife, flowers, and more without disturbing them. They find valuable applications in product photography, scientific documentation, architectural details, journalism, and creative photography, allowing for precise close-ups from a comfortable distance.
  • Wide Angle Lens: Perfect for capturing the entire setup of your workspace. It can provide a sense of scale and detail, showing the complexity and arrangement of your tools and machinery.
  • Lens case can only adopt 3PCs of Freewell Lenses: 1PC 1.33x Anamorphic Lens, 1PC Telephoto Lens, 1PC 18mm Wide Angle Lens or 1PC Long Range Macro Lens.
  • Each lens comes with a lens cap.
  • Third-Party App Required We suggest this app: Blackmagic Camera