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Sherpa Lens Ultra Pro Kit

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Compatible with Freewell Cases

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In the box:

  • Redefining Mobile Cinematography: The Freewell Optical Anamorphic Lens revolutionizes smartphone photography, meeting the demands of today's filmmakers for unrivaled excellence. Step into a new era of smartphone photography with the Freewell 1.55x or 1.33x Anamorphic Lens, tailored for the Freewell Sherpa and Galaxy Series Cases.
  • Break Limits, Capture Precision: With the Freewell Wide Angle Lens, transcend the boundaries of smartphone filmmaking. Capture breathtaking visuals with unrivaled precision and creativity, bringing your artistic vision to life with astonishing clarity and impact.
  • Installation Method: Utilize the Freewell F Series PRESS TWIST LOCKING system by rotating it counterclockwise for secure attachment.
  • Impeccable Image Quality: Designed for smartphone filmmaking, this lens features a high refractive index, minimal dispersion, and a cylindrical design, ensuring exceptional sharpness.
  • Unlock Cinematic Wonders: Enter the realm of awe-inspiring cinematic experiences with the Freewell Anamorphic Lens. Horizontal compression at 1.55x 2.76:1 or 1.33x reveals a stunning 2.39:1 widescreen ratio, eliminating distortions for boundless creative potential.
  • These filters feature a threaded mounting design; unthread the UV filter from your Freewell 2.0 lenses & thread the filter of your choice.
  • Perfect Light Management:  The ND filters in this kit offer impeccable control over light and exposure. Whether you aim to capture extended-exposure shots, alluring motion blur, or well-balanced exposure in bright conditions, the ND8, ND16, ND32, and ND64 filters offer varying degrees of light reduction, granting unmatched flexibility for your photography needs.
  • Unique Visual Flare: Explore cinematic storytelling with Freewell's anamorphic lenses, in captivating blue lens adds a distinctive horizontal flare to enrich your footage.
  • All filter options included in the kit are to be exclusively used on a phone case. If you need filters for an anamorphic lens, please pick them here.
  • Customize Your Creativity: Elevate your creative spirit with optional ND, Mist, and CPL filters, providing precise control over motion blur, dreamy narratives, and vibrant colors.