200° Fisheye Lens



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  • Revolutionize Smartphone Filmmaking: Meet the Freewell Sherpa 200° Fisheye Lens, a true game-changer in smartphone filmmaking, tailored for today's filmmakers and surpassing all existing fisheye lenses.
  • Installation Method: Utilize the Freewell F Series PRESS TWIST LOCKING system by rotating it counterclockwise for secure attachment.
  • Advanced Multi-Element Optics: This lens employs advanced multi-element optics to achieve a comprehensive and distorted viewing angle. Each optical element is carefully chosen to minimize imperfections, ensuring superior image quality. It effectively reduces unwanted effects like flare and reflections, while enhancing contrast through the use of low dispersion and aspherical glass elements, complemented by nano-coatings.
  • Expansive and Immersive Scenes: Capture expansive and immersive scenes with the Freewell Sherpa 200° Fisheye Lens. Whether you're exploring landscapes, documenting your travels, capturing architectural marvels, or engaging in creative photography, this lens empowers you to encompass everything within a single frame. It provides a unique perspective that adds depth and excitement to your visuals, taking your films to an extraordinary level.