18mm Wide Angle Lens




Compatible with Freewell Cases

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In the Box

Lens Package: Lens with UV Protection Filter  
Lens + Filters Package: Lens, UV, ND8, ND16, ND32, ND64, CPL, SMIST 1/4  

  • Revolutionize Smartphone Filmmaking: Introducing the groundbreaking Freewell Wide Angle Lens, designed to exceed the demands of modern filmmakers and set a new standard of excellence in wide-angle photography with your smartphone.
  • Installation Method: Utilize the Freewell F Series PRESS TWIST LOCKING system by rotating it counterclockwise for secure attachment.
  • Premium Optical Glass: Crafted with premium optical glass, this lens enhances light bending, reduces chromatic aberration, and eliminates distortion for sharper, brighter, and more realistic visuals with remarkable precision.
  • Professional-Grade Performance: Ascent your smartphone photography to new heights. Capture vast landscapes, group shots, or architectural wonders with reduced distortion, enhanced sharpness, and a wider field of view, delivering professional-quality mobile photography.
  • Break Limits, Capture Precision: With the Freewell Wide Angle Lens, transcend the boundaries of smartphone filmmaking. Capture breathtaking visuals with unrivaled precision and creativity, bringing your artistic vision to life with astonishing clarity and impact.