1.33x Anamorphic Lens




Backorder: 1.33x Gold Anamorphic Lens & Lens + Filters Expected to be ready in mid of April

Compatible with Freewell Cases

In the Box

Lens Package: Lens with UV Protection Filter  
Lens + Filters Package: Lens, UV, ND8, ND16, ND32, ND64, CPL, SMIST 1/4  
  • Redefining Mobile Cinematography: The Freewell Optical Anamorphic Lens revolutionizes smartphone photography, meeting the demands of today's filmmakers for unrivaled excellence.
  • Installation Method: Utilize the Freewell F Series PRESS TWIST LOCKING system by rotating it counterclockwise for secure attachment.
  • Impeccable Image Quality: Designed for smartphone filmmaking, this lens features a high refractive index, minimal dispersion, and a cylindrical design, ensuring exceptional sharpness.
  • Unique Visual Flare: Explore cinematic storytelling with Freewell's anamorphic lenses, in captivating blue lens adds a distinctive horizontal flare to enrich your footage.
  • Customize Your Creativity: Elevate your creative spirit with optional ND, Mist, and CPL filters, providing precise control over motion blur, dreamy narratives, and vibrant colors.