Samsung Galaxy Ultra CPL, Snow Mist, ND128, ND1000




Compatible With Freewell Samsung Galaxy Ultra Case


User Manual

Galaxy Filters 

In the Box

  • Compatible Camera: More than meet the eyes, one filter covers all the camera.
  • CPL compatible for Wide, Tele Lens
  • 1 Second: Magnetic filters allow you to switch filters in a second without the hassle of finding the filter slot with Freewell Galaxy Series Cases.
  • Optical glass Coating: Waterproof, Dust Resistant, Scratch Resistant, Oil Proof
  • Why ND: ND filters are essential in smartphone photography as they reduce the light entering the camera, allowing you to slow the shutter speed to capture a stunning long exposure.
  • Why MIST? To enhance the film quality of the picture, the highlights should be toned down, the contrast should be reduced, and the skin details should be softened. This approach can also create a distinct atmosphere for the scene.
  • Why CPL? CPL Filter helps eliminate unwanted reflections from non-metallic surfaces like water or glass caused by sunlight. Additionally, it can enhance color and contrast by minimizing glare from the sky or water.
  • Compatibility: Must require Freewell Galaxy Series Cases to use.