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M2 Magnetic Quick Swap ND Filter

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  • The ND filter proves to be an indispensable tool for capturing photos and videos. You can effectively reduce exposure by employing an ND filter while preserving facial details and color saturation. They reduce the shutter speed by three apertures, making it suitable for partially cloudy daytime conditions. By utilizing the powerful functions of ND filters, you can capture more accurate and realistic images with more natural colors.
  • Features for UV Filter: UV rays from the sun can cause damage to your camera lens; FREEWELL UV filters excel at absorbing almost all ranges of harmful UV rays, resulting in more accurate, sharper photos with less haze, providing you with better image quality and protection. In addition to its UV filtering capabilities, this filter is an essential protective layer for your lens. It protects the lens from potential damage caused by dirt, dust, and scratches. This protection ensures that your lens stays in tip-top shape, allowing you to take stunning photos without compromising image quality.
  • The CPL polarizer filter serves a crucial function in photography by effectively reducing glare from metallic surfaces, ultimately enhancing color saturation and contrast. With the aid of a CPL polarizer, photographers can transform their images, capturing more vibrant colors, sharper details, and captivating scenes. It's essential for achieving stunning, immersive visuals with enhanced depth and clarity.
  • Glow Mist & Snow Mist with Soft Highlight Flares, Lowered Contrast: The 1/4 diffusion strength of this filter offers a balanced level of softening, ensuring that the desired effect is achieved without overly obscuring details. The result of softening the highlights is more pronounced at 1/4 stop, and the finished film will be softer and more cinematic, which will be helpful if it's a similar storytelling shoot.
  • Optical Excellence: Crafted with precision using premium German optics and a multi-layered coating process, these filters are scratch-resistant, waterproof, dustproof, and oil-resistant. They deliver exceptional image quality, enabling you to capture stunning footage effortlessly.