Eiger Matte Box Magnetic IR ND Single Filter

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In the Box

  • IR ND filters help block infrared light, ensuring more accurate and natural color reproduction in your photos or videos. Infrared light can interfere with image color accuracy, leading to color shifts or a "false color" effect.
  • ND4  filter Helps reduce the light hitting your camera sensor by two f-stops, perfect for the cloudy condition during early morning hours.
  • ND8 filter Slow down the shutter speed by three f-stops in partially cloudy daylight conditions.
  • ND16 filter Cuts light by four f-stops in average daylight to avoid the Jell-O effect.
  • ND32 filter Cuts light by five f-stops for bright sunny daylight to create natural motion blur footage.
  • ND64 filter Reduces light by six f-stops for use in very bright sunny daylight conditions.
  • ND1000 filter cuts light by ten f-stops, enabling captivating long-exposure shots with a mesmerizing milky effect.
  • Optics: Crafted from prestigious German optics, it features a multi-layered coating process that makes it resistant to scratches, water, dust, and oil, ensuring exceptional image quality. This premium construction gives users a top-of-the-line experience, enabling them to capture stunning images easily.