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Eiger Matte Box VND, MIST, Gradient Pro Kit

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User Manual

Why Eiger Matte Box? Eiger Matte Box system resolves the frustration of using filters without a matte box. It incorporates optional filters (VND, Gradient, Mist, Steak, Straight ND) in one system. The adjustable carbon fiber top flag minimizes glare or flare for superior image quality.

Why VND?: VND filters offer convenience and versatility in situations where the lighting conditions are changing rapidly. With a VND filter, you can achieve the desired exposure quickly without changing filters constantly. This can be particularly beneficial in dynamic shooting scenarios, such as outdoor photography or videography, where lighting conditions can vary rapidly.

Why Glow MIST?: Diffusion Glow mist filters are essential for filmmakers who want to achieve a cinematic look with their images and videos. This filter helps a subtle yet beautiful diffusion effect on highlights while reducing contrast and softening skin details.

Why Soft Edge Gradient?: Capture stunning landscape shots with our Soft Edge Gradient GND0.9 Filters. These high-quality filters are designed to help you balance the exposure of bright skies and darker foregrounds, resulting in stunning, well-balanced photos every time.

Flexible Use: When used alone, it acts as a polarizing filter. Combined with a 1-5 or 6-9 stop filter, it transforms into a Variable ND filter. You can effortlessly and smoothly adjust its rotation with a manual turner.

True Color Technology: Freewell's TRUE COLOR coating process ensures the minor color shift among any other VND on the market.

Diverse integration: The Eiger Matte Box system is compatible with insert filters and magnetic or threaded filters. It also supports the use of the previous Freewell Magnetic Quick Swap System, threaded VND filters, as well as use Freewell Eiger filters, providing a wide range of compatibility to meet your diverse filter needs.

Effortless Disassembly: The sunshade hood is easily detachable with a quick-release mechanism activated by a button press. This convenient feature enables effortless accessory changes and scene adaptation for enhanced flexibility in your photography.

Future-proof: With Eiger Matte Box, you no longer need to worry about choosing the correct filter thread size. This versatile system is designed to be compatible with the lens up to 95mm with included adaptors from 67mm to 82mm, with an option to purchase an adaptor for 52mm, 55mm, 58mm, 62mmand 95mm separately.

In the box: CPL, VND 1-5, VND 6-9, Glow Mist 1/4, Soft Edge Gradient 0.9; Matte Box, adapter Cap, adapter Ring(67mm, 72mm, 77mm, and 82mm)