DJI Mini 4 Pro Filter Case



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Compatible With

Mini 4 Pro

In the Box

  • Note: Only works for Mini 4 Pro Filters
  • 3 Slots ND case: comes with 2 slots for ND, LPR, CPL, UV, and Snow Mist filters; ND/PL & CPL can only be installed into the bottom slot.
  • 3 Slots ND/PL case: works for ND/PL filters & CPL filter.
  • 6 Slots ND case: works for ND, Blank Frame.
  • 6 Slots ND/PL case: works for ND/PL, VND, VNDXMIST filters, Blank Frame.
  • 18 Slots case: come with 10 slots for ND, 7 slots for ND/PL, 1 slot for Blank Frame.