• High-end optical glass with CNC ring makes it perfect to capture stunning and clear images
  • Double-sided having multiple coating lets you take sharper and better quality pictures
  • Lightweight design to prevent any negative effects on drone gimbal at all times
  • Crafted for use with – DJI Mavic Air
  • Lifetime warranty


The Freewell Gear produced DJI Mavic Air ND2000 Filter is an essential accessory for aerial photographers who wish to capture stunning and mesmerizing long exposure shots. While trying to photograph moving objects (such as flowing water, waterfall, etc) in a cinematic image, you need to have that natural ‘blur’ motion which is all-essential. The Freewell DJI Mavic Air ND2000 filter is the perfect way to add the desired cinematic effect to your photos while using long exposure settings.


The DJI Mavic Air ND2000 Filter from Freewell is:

  • Efficient to use – The DJI Mavic Air ND2000 filter from Freewell is designed using special strong, yet lightweight Aluminum alloy, making it not only safe for use without any adverse effect on the gimbal, but also makes them durable enough to withstand the rigors of regular and frequent use.
  • Perfect for Photos – The DJI Mavic Air ND2000 filter is designed to help you capture cinematic-quality photographs, not footages when you wish to capture moving objects perfectly.

Using the DJI Mavic Air ND2000 Filter from Freewell is an excellent choice for professional and amateur aerial photographers to capture truly stunning and charismatic photographs, using long exposure setting. With this lens filter, you can now easily capture that award-worthy photograph you always wanted.

Freewell, as always, has provided essential and add-on accessories that are aimed at improving your drone flying and aerial photography experience from every angle. The DJI Mavic Air ND2000 filter from Freewell is another such accessory which is designed to optimize the quality of aerial photographers you take using your Mavic Air drone.


Freewell Gear has been the reason for prominent revolutionary drone accessories and filters. The brand has been helping professional commercial filmmakers from a long time to capture absolutely stunning cinematic videos.

Freewell Gear has been the pioneer of several drone accessories, including the ND1000 and IR/ND filters, which were the first ever in the industry. Many competitors have been attempting to imitate our original quality however the advanced technology of Freewell has only been imitated, but never replicated to perfection.

Each Freewell drone filter is crafted from the finest premium quality optical glass. It is carefully coated with a total of 16 layers of coating, 8 on each side, to ensure minimal re-reflection from within the lens filter. It is an excellent solution to cut back on unwanted glare, especially when taking landscape shots on sunny days.

All these unique aspects of Freewell ensure that you always get an excellent quality product for your money. So make sure that you always buy genuine Freewell filters and not be fooled by cheap or over expensive fancy color filters and pointless imitation. Freewell ensures your money’s worth by providing a lifetime warranty for its drone filters.