DJI Air 3 Gradient ND 2 Pack



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  • Capture stunning landscape shots with our Freewell Soft Edge Gradient Filter 2-Pack for Air 3. This Kit includes GND0.9 and GND1.2 filters, essential tools for achieving balanced exposures when photographing the sky and foreground in a single shot.
  • Why GND Filters? These gradient filters effectively reduce the amount of light reaching your lens, making them indispensable for landscape photography. By allowing you to capture the sky and foreground with a single exposure, they help achieve striking, well-balanced images.
  • GimbalSafe Technology: Our Freewell GimbalSafe technology ensures that each filter frame undergoes rigorous lightweight testing, guaranteeing no harmful effects on your drone's gimbal.
  • Coating Excellence: With a Dustproof, Scratch-resistant, Oilproof, and Color Neutral coating, these filters deliver the optimal image quality and protection for your lens.
  • Storage Protection: Your filters will be safe and organized in the robust filter case provided with each Kit, ensuring easy storage and transport for your aerial adventures. Elevate your landscape photography to new heights with the Freewell Soft Edge Gradient GND0.9 & GND1.2-2 Pack Filters for Air 3.