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Hard Stop Variable ND

Thread Size
Filter Type

Optics: Pure High Definition Optical glass 18Layers Multicoated ensure filmmaking experience

Built: Hard stop THREADED Variable ND eliminates any chance of cross-polarization & zero vignetting (16mm above) during the shoot

Coating: Each side of the glass element is coated with Waterproof, Dustproof, Scratch-resistant, and Oilproof making sure you are ready for all the adventures


2-5 Stop equivalent to ND4-ND32 is best suitable for the standard day from cloudy days to normal sunny day

6-9 Stop equivalent to ND64-ND512 is best suitable for the bright day from normal sunny days to bright sunny days

What comes inside the package? : Filter, Lens cap, Cleaning Cloth, Storage case


Q: Is variable ND also a polarizer filter?

A: Although variable ND is made of a 2pcs polarizer filter they do not provide or help to reduce polarization as once you have 2 pieces of glass they act as reducing the light coming to your sensor.

Q. Can I use Lens Hood with VND?

A. No you cannot simply because VND filters are larger in size compare to your regular ND filter in order to reduce the impact of the vignette.

Q. Are there front threads on this VND?

A. No front thread & no stacking are recommended on VND to avoid any vignette.

Q. Is VND magnetic filters?

A. No they are threaded filters as stated on the product listing only Freewell Magnetic quick-swap systems are magnetic which are ND filters, VND is threaded & must be used via thread only.


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