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Freewell simply believe in making legacy when Freewell arrive in Drone accessories market we were the first company to make multicoated filters for drones which many of our competitors imitate today but could never replicate the same standard , We also introduce the industry first IR ND & ND1000 Long exposure filters for DJI , Autel , Yuneec Drones which allow users to expand their creativity. “WE HAVEN’T INVENT FILTERS BUT WE HAVE CERTAINLY MAKING THEM PERFECT”

Our team of expert outdoor sports enthusiasts and highly-skilled and innovative cinematographers are passionate to develop high-grade products meant to solve real-life problems faced by action photographers commonly. The experiences of our experts enable us to bring to you innovative and truly effective products.

Providing a wide range of action camera accessories which are completely innovative and advanced in design and function, Freewell helps you to bring out the most from your outdoor photography experience. Freewell Gear accessories are especially designed using toughened and durable materials to ensure optimum functionality in all kinds of terrain, underwater or above ground.

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