DJI Mavic Air Filters and Accessories

DJI Mavic Air Filters and DJI Mavic Air  Accessories

DJI Mavic Air is an excellent compact commercial drone from the China-based drone makers. The Mavic Air is designed somewhat in line with the Spark but has several advanced features added to it which makes it significantly better choice for beginners and amateur aerial photographers as well.

Freewell Gear, the leading drone accessory designer and developer, has been providing innovative and effective filters and other drone accessories for all globally popular commercial grade drones. From camera lens filters to help capture excellent footage, to propeller guards and other safety equipment, Freewell has been the dominant provider owing to its stringent quality measures which ensures total reliability from its thousands of users.

Freewell Gear is providing an extensive range of essential filters and other accessories which are aimed at providing users with the best and most memorable drone flying experience.

Freewell offers numerous types of filters to go with your DJI Mavic Air mini drone. The ND (Neutral Density) filters are designed to reduce the amount of light entering the camera lens by 2 f-stops successively. This helps to slow down the shutter speed, thereby giving a natural cinematic ‘blur’ look to objects filmed in motion. The PL (Polarized Lens) filters are designed to prevent unwanted reflections from naturally reflective surfaces, such as snow, windows and water bodies, from impairing the quality of the footage you capture. The hybrid ND/PL filters are meant to simultaneously slow down the shutter speed and prevent unwanted glare.

Apart from this, there are several other types of accessories provided by Freewell for the compact DJI Mavic Air mini drone.