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Samsung Galaxy Ultra Mega Kit

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Compatible With Freewell Samsung Galaxy Ultra Case

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Sherpa Grip  Sherpa Lens Galaxy Filters

In the Box

  • MagSafe: Compatible with all MagSafe charges & accessories
  • Magnetic Filter Mount: Allows you to use Freewell Galaxy Series Magnetic Filters
  • Lens Slot: A mounting system for Freewell SHERPA series lenses
  • Why ND: ND filters are essential in smartphone photography as they reduce the amount of light entering the camera, allowing you to slow the shutter speed and adding a blurry motion film look to your footage.
  • 1.33X ASPECT RATIO GOLD or BLUE ANAMORPHIC LENS with THREAD to install filters, Filter for lenses here.
  • Why MIST? To enhance the film quality of the picture, the highlights should be toned down, the contrast should be reduced, and the skin details should be softened. This approach can also create a distinct atmosphere for the scene.
  • Why CPL? CPL Filter helps eliminate unwanted reflections from non-metallic surfaces like water or glass caused by sunlight. Additionally, it can enhance color and contrast by minimizing glare from the sky or water. CPL compatible for Wide, Tele Lens
  • VERSATILE BLUETOOTH SELFIE GRIP with unlimited use as grip, rig, and selfie stick. 
  • All filter options included in the kit are to be exclusively used on a phone case. If you need filters for an anamorphic lens, please pick them here.
  • Battery Excluded in SELFIE GRIP due to custom reason: Lithium Battery CR1620.