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K2 Landscape Pro Kit

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  • Why K2 Landscape? Renowned for its versatility, K2 allows you to seamlessly integrate various filters like Gradient, Mist, Streak, and Straight ND, all within one adaptable setup. Elevate your shots with the Soft Edge Gradient GND0.9 Filter, expertly balancing bright skies against darker landscapes with a 3-stop light reduction, perfect for slightly overexposed settings. The ND1000 filter is your go-to for creating enchanting, long exposure effects, reducing light by ten f-stops. Each filter is crafted from high-quality German optics with a multi-layer coating that resists scratches, water, dust, and oil, ensuring your images are stunningly clear and vibrant. K2's future-proof design accommodates lenses up to 82mm with adaptors for sizes down to 67mm included, and options available for smaller diameters. Freewell’s TRUE COLOR technology minimizes color shift, setting a new standard in visual clarity. Link here
  • Why Pro Card Reader? Supports CF Express Types A & B, and all UHS-I and II SD cards. Type-C port ensures quick transfers up to 10 Gbps. Robust aluminum build with easy-to-carry carabiner. Link here

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