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V2 Magnetic Hybrid VND/CPL Mega Pro Kit

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  • Why V2 Hybrid VND/CPL? This hybrid filter combines VND (variable neutral density) and CPL (circular polarizer) capabilities, enabling precise control over exposure and reflections. The included Snow Mist 1/4 filter adds a soft, dreamy visual effect to your shots, enhancing their aesthetic with a light, ethereal quality. The kit also features a Snow Mist 1/8 Filter, perfect for capturing gentle, artistic, and visually enticing images. With adaptors for 82mm and optional sizes from 49mm to 77mm, the V2 kit offers future-proof compatibility across various lenses. Its variable density range of 3 to 7 stops (ND8-ND128) and integrated CPL function cater to a broad spectrum of shooting scenarios. Link here
  • Why Pro Card Reader? Supports CF Express Types A & B, and all UHS-I and II SD cards. Type-C port ensures quick transfers up to 10 Gbps. Robust aluminum build with easy-to-carry carabiner. Link here


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