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iPhone Creative Filters Sherpa

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Compatible Camera: 1x Wide

1 Second: Magnetic filters allow you to switch filters in a second without the hassle of finding the filter slot with Freewell Sherpa Series cases. 

Why Galatic Grid Starburst?

This filter can produce a specific line of light for each point of light in photos and videos to achieve a radiant starburst effect, bringing a dreamy and romantic atmosphere to the whole picture; ideal for night scenes, water reflective light, glass, and metal products shooting.

Why Kaleidoscope Prism Effect?

Help to create unique and creative images by fracturing light into various shapes and patterns. These filters bend and reflect light to create mesmerizing kaleidoscope-like images with vibrant colors and intricate details.

Why Rainbow Dazzel Color Burst Mirage?

Adding rainbow-colored flares to light sources in your photos or videos. They work by diffracting light in such a way that it creates a rainbow spectrum effect around the light sources, decorating with a unique and eye-catching element to your visual content perfect for music videos, fashion shoots, and other creative productions to add a touch of whimsy and fantasy to the visuals.

Futureproof: All filters are compatible with future Freewell Sherpa cases or by removing the base if any significant changes happen phone camera.