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Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra Mega Kit

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User Manual

    • What comes in the MEGA KitSamsung Galaxy S23 Ultra Case +  ND Filter 4Pack +Versatile Bluetooth Grip + Gold / Blue Anamorphic Kit + Snow Mist + CPL Filter
    • MagSafe: Compatible with all MagSafe charges & accessories
    • Magnetic Filter Mount: Allows you to use Freewell Galaxy Series Magnetic Filters
    • Lens Slot: A mounting system for Freewell SHERPA series lenses
    • Why ND: ND filters are essential in smartphone photography as they reduce the amount of light entering the camera, allowing you to slow the shutter speed and adding a blurry motion film look to your footage.
    • 1.55X ASPECT RATIO GOLD/BLUE ANAMORPHIC LENS with THREAD to install filters with included ND8, ND16, ND32, ND64, UV
    • Why MIST?: To enhance the film quality of the picture, the highlights should be toned down, the contrast should be reduced, and the skin details should be softened. This approach can also create a distinct atmosphere for the scene.
    • Why CPL?: CPL Filter helps eliminate unwanted reflections from non-metallic surfaces like water or glass caused by sunlight. Additionally, it can enhance color and contrast by minimizing glare from the sky or water. CPL compatible for Wide, Tele Lens
    • VERSATILE BLUETOOTH SELFIE GRIP with unlimited use as grip, rig, and selfie stick. 
* Battery Excluded in SELFIE GRIP due to custom reason: Lithium Battery CR1620.