Mavic 3 Pro Single Filters




Compatible With

Installation Guide

ND4/UV, ND8/UV, ND16/ND8, ND32/ND16, ND64/ND32, ND1000/ND512, ND2000/ND1000

  • Why Split ND: ND Filters help cut the amount of light hitting your camera sensor on various kinds of day light, allowing you to maintain the colors of your footage.

To prevent underexposure in the tele camera while ensuring proper exposure for the wide-angle and medium tele cameras, the light reduction stops for the camera with 7x optical zoom are slightly adjusted compared to the other two cameras.

  • Why ND1000/ND2000?: ND1000 & ND2000 are specifically used only for long-exposure photography.
  • -Why ND/PL?: Stacking filters, especially on the drone, can be a hassle, extra weight, and cause vignettes. The ND/Polarizer Hybrid Filter is a 2-in-1 innovative solution that allows you to take stunning footage without the extra packing and risk of spoiled footage, offering you vivid color, rich contrast, and reduced glare.
  • Optical Glass: German-made optical glass provides the best possible optics, surpassing or matching any other brand in the industry with color-neutral, scratch-resistant, Waterproof, DustProof, and OilProof coating.
  • Installation: Remove the stock filter by twisting the counterclockwise before installing a new filter.
  • Gimbal Safe: Freewell's Gimbal Safe technology is designed to create filters for each drone that guarantee no adverse effects on the gimbal, ensuring maximum safety.