DJI Mavic 3 Pro Standard Day 4Pack



Compatible With

Installation Guide

  • Optical Glass: German-made optical glass provides the best possible optics, surpassing or matching any other brand in the industry with color-neutral, scratch-resistant, Waterproof, DustProof, and OilProof coating.
  • Installation: Remove the stock filter by twisting it counterclockwise before installing a new filter.
  • Gimbal Safe: Freewell's Gimbal Safe technology is designed to create filters for each drone that guarantee no adverse effects on the gimbal, ensuring maximum safety.
  • What's included: ND8/UV, ND16/ND8, ND32/ND16, and ND64/ND32 filters, perfect for slowing down the shutter speed and creating motion blur in your footage. Comes with a protective case to store your filters and a cleaning cloth.

To prevent underexposure in the tele camera while ensuring proper exposure for the wide-angle and medium tele cameras, the light reduction stops for the camera with 7x optical zoom are slightly adjusted compared to the other two cameras.