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M2 Magnetic Quick Swap 5Pack Pro Kit

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  • Why M2 Magnetic Quick Swap 5Pack? This kit revolutionizes filter usage with a swift 1-second magnetic filter swap system, ensuring you never miss a shot. It includes a variety of essential filters: ND8, ND64, ND1000, CPL, and UV. Each filter is tailored to diverse lighting conditions, from reducing light intake for balanced exposure and motion blur to protecting your lens and reducing glare. The kit also features a new lens cap with a holder, enhancing convenience and accessibility. Installation is effortless—attach the magnetic blank frame to your lens once, and then swap filters securely and quickly without threading. Link here
  • Why Pro Card Reader? Supports CF Express Types A & B, and all UHS-I and II SD cards. Type-C port ensures quick transfers up to 10 Gbps. Robust aluminum build with easy-to-carry carabiner. Link here