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Eiger Matte Box Pro Kit

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  • Why Eiger Matte Box? This matte box accommodates a variety of filters, including VND, Gradient, Mist, Steak, and Straight ND, offering flexibility across different shooting scenarios. It is compatible with insert, magnetic, and threaded filters, including Freewell’s Magnetic Quick Swap System and threaded VND filters, ensuring broad compatibility and meeting diverse filtration needs. The sunshade hood features a quick-release mechanism for fast, effortless disassembly, allowing for easy accessory changes and scene adaptations. Future-proof your gear with the Eiger Matte Box, which supports lenses up to 95mm with included adapters from 67mm to 82mm, and additional adapters available for purchase. The system is designed to fit all filters up to 82mm with an outer diameter of 92mm, providing a comprehensive solution for advanced filmmakers seeking optimal control and quality in their visual productions. Link here
  • Why Pro Card Reader? Supports CF Express Types A & B, and all UHS-I and II SD cards. Type-C port ensures quick transfers up to 10 Gbps. Robust aluminum build with easy-to-carry carabiner. Link here

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