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DJI Air 3 Mega Pro Kit

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Duo Card Reader   Air 3

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  • Why DJI Air 3 Mega Pack? This package features the revolutionary Freewell Dual Focal Length Split ND 4-Pack, tailored to manage varying apertures at 70mm and 24mm, ensuring consistent exposure and image quality across different settings. The Everyday 3-Pack enhances your shooting versatility with a UV filter for lens clarity and protection, a Snow Mist 1/4 filter for a dreamlike atmosphere, and a Light Pollution Reduction filter for vibrant night scenes without urban glow. Experience streamlined efficiency with the ND/PL Hybrid Filters, which combine neutral density and polarization for vivid colors and reduced glare without the drawbacks of stacked filters. The Circular Polarizer (CPL) boosts color saturation and reduces reflections for crisp, compelling footage. Link here
  • Why Duo Card Reader? It supports a wide range of UHS-I and II SD cards, including SDXC, SDHC, and micro SD cards, meeting the diverse needs of photographers and videographers. Equipped with a Type-C port, it provides rapid data transfer to Type-C enabled devices, optimizing your workflow without the necessity of additional software. Link here