Eiger Matte Box Gradient GND0.9 Filters



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    • Why Soft Edge Gradient? Capture stunning landscape shots with our Soft Edge Gradient GND0.9 Filters. These high-quality filters are designed to help you balance the exposure of bright skies and darker foregrounds, resulting in stunning, well-balanced photos every time.
    • Why Hard Edge Gradient? It features a hard-edge transition that lets you balance the exposure between the sky and the ground without creating a visible line in your images.
    • Why Reverse Edge Gradient? The Reverse Edge Gradient is designed to capture images during sunrise or sunset when the sun is just above the horizon. The filter reduces the light in the brightest part of the scene, typically the sky, and balances it with the darker areas of the image, such as the land or sea. A gradient GND0.9 filter is essential for landscape photographers to balance the exposure. It has a 3-stop light reduction capacity that helps you capture stunning, vibrant images with precise details. The filter is ideal for scenarios with a bright sky and darker foreground, such as seascapes, mountains, and cityscapes.
    • Coating Process: Every Freewell filter undergoes a high-standard, multi-layer coating process that makes it resistant to dust, scratches, water, and oil.