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• Razor Sharp optical glass used to ensure optimal quality aerial images

• 16 Layers Multicoated optical glass lens filters waterproof, Dustproof, Scratch-resistant, Oilproof

• Ultra-Light design with Freewell GIMBALSAFE technology for smooth calibration

• What is Included: ND1000, ND2000 filters 

How it helps:

The Long Exposure Filter Kit Compatible with Mavic Mini from Freewell Gear is the ideal solution for commercial filmmakers to capture stunning, and cinema-quality long-exposure footage using their Mavic Mini Drone. It does so by restricting the amount of light that can enter the camera lens and fall on the camera sensor. These filters have been designed specifically to allow professional aerial cinematographers to capture amazing long-exposure shots.


ND1000 filter compatible with Mavic Mini

This filter is designed to offer long-exposure footage while filming fast-moving objects or filming while on the move. This filter effectively cuts light by 10 f-stops to reduce the shutter speed drastically. Apart from helping you get smooth and natural-looking footage this filter is also helpful to prevent lens flare when shooting against the sun. It efficiently helps to get perfect tones and colors when filming outdoors. 

ND2000 filter compatible with Mavic Mini

This filter is designed to cut the light by 11 f-stops Aimed to provide natural blur motion and decrease the ‘Jello’ effect usually seen because of the camera’s rolling shutter, Ideal for minimizing lens flare often seen when shooting outdoors in very bright sunny conditions.