DJI Inspire 1 Z3 Filters

The DJI Inspire 1/Osmo are the latest in series of drones from DJI, the globally popular drone makers. The company is renowned for providing the most advanced drone technology to professional and other drone enthusiasts. DJI has maintained its image of providing effective and advanced drone technology through constant innovation.

Freewell, the leading drone accessories manufacturers in the world introduces a wide range of essential accessories for the latest DJi Inspire 1/Osmo drone camera series. These are various accessories that aim to serve all requirements when flying a drone, such as filters, protection guards, connecting cables, etc.

The DJI Inspire 1/Osmo accessories from Freewell are designed to provide the best drone flying experience to all DJI Inspire 1 drone flyers. These filters and other accessories complete all your requirements and give you a truly memorable and excellent filming experience.