Parrot Anafi Filters And Accessories

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Parrot, one of Europe’s leading commercial drone manufacturers, introduced the Parrot Anafi to great reviews from users. The French drone-makers improved the camera quality and controls of the new drone. The lightweight material, combined with the compact design, makes it one of the top-selling commercial drones in the world today.

Freewell Gear, the leaders in manufacturing drone filters and accessories, also continue our tradition of providing all essential accessories for consumer drones. With the focus on helping you capture stunning and cinematic photographs, Freewell Gear provides numerous drone camera filter kits for Parrot Anafi drone users.

Freewell Gear-produced Parrot Anafi filters are designed to be effective, strong and reliable. The highest-grade material is used to design the filter’s outer ring. Using top-grade optical glass, which is coated multiple times on both sides, the filters help you capture professional, Hollywoodesque aerial photographs and footages.

Use the Parrot Anafi filters from Freewell Gear and discover the difference between amateur and professional aerial photography now.